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1. The TringRugby Coach Pathway

Coach development is not only encouraged at Tring, it is expected as part of the road map for Coaches in order that the sport of Rugby Football will develop to the limit of the club's ability and ambition.

We have adopted the Good Coaches Code as recommended by the RFU (see policies and procedures) and all Coaches should read and be familiar with this code.

There is a clear pathway for Coach development at Tring:

At entry level, in order to Coach at any level, you will need to become registered as a coach with the RFU. To do this, you will need to take a Rugby Ready course. In addition, you will need to take the RFU Safeguarding Course “Play it Safe”, and you will need to have an RFU Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau disclosure.

To be the Head Coach of a Year Group at the Tring, in addition to the above, you need to have a minimum of an RFU Level 1 coaching qualification.

Coaches may decide to take Level 2 qualifications subject to approval by the M&J Chair Jon Westcott, and may further be invited to take Level 3.

In addition to the courses and qualifications above, there are a number of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses run by the RFU for Coaches, some of which are pre-requisites for taking Level 1 qualifications and above.

TringRugby will fund all coaching courses, provided that a need exists within a year group for the course to be undertaken. You will need to speak to your Head Coach in the first instance. If the need is not agreed, you may approach TringRugby M&J Chair Jon Westcott and state your case. Once the need has been agreed, M&J Coach Development Co-ordinator Mike Kearney will help you find the most appropriate course for your need.

Coaching Resources

There are many rugby coaching resources available to Rugby Coaches at all levels of the game.

For Coaches who have taken Rugby Ready and have been given an RFU username and login, the best resource available is the RFU's Online Coaching Academy at . Here you will find RFU course material, skills and techniques videos, ideas for small-sided games, and match clips.

As a Saracens Partner Club, TringRugby receives bespoke coaching development via the Saracens Coach Education Programme. Sessions delivered (including ideas for small sided games) will be found in the Coaches Resources area above. In addition, you will find an excellent resource online mainly for 13+ age groups at

Through the season, TringRugby Coaches also receive bespoke support from RFU Community Rugby Coach Harry Harrison. Notes from these sessions (including ideas for small-sided games and technique pointers) will be found in The Coaches Resource area above.

For session planning week to week, there are several free online coaching resources that are worth a look, namely: – register here and receive a number of free coaching plans.Pay for more access. - register free for access to a huge range of resources around training and online education, primarily for coaching the adult game.

Further information or feedback

If you have any questions about the Coach development pathway at TringRugby, or you wish to add a resource that you have found useful for other coaches to share, please feel free to contact the M&J Coach Development Co-ordinator Mike Kearney or 07710 582831. If you have questions about Safeguarding and CRB disclosures at TringRugby, please speak to the TringRugby's Safeguarding Officer Sheena Cogger 07748 881759